Cancellation Watch: Whats next to go?

With each new TV season, there is are a batch of shows that get the ax by networks after just a couple of airings. Heading into the 4th week of the 2011-2012 TV season, 3 shows have already been cancelled. NBC’s The Playboy Club and Free Agents both got the ax this week due to double digits declines over the span of 3 weeks. The CW just cancelled their ill-fated celebrity reality shows H8R yesterday. Whats next?

How to Be a Gentleman (CBS) – There was never really a lot of buzz are this comedy in the first place. This modern-day Odd Couple comedy starring Kevin Dillion (Entourage), Dave Foley, and Mary Lynn Rajskub (24) never really found an audience, despite airing after CBS’ ratings magnet The Big Bang Theory. Gentleman has only been averaging only 9 million viewers an episode, great for other networks, but when you air immediately after the top rated comedy on TV, you’re expected to perform much better. CBS has the habit of cancelling their lowest rated comedy at the end of each season, and with CBS’ other newest comedy 2 Broke Girls already receiving a full season pick up (and doing great in the ratings), Gentleman is the obvious choice for cancellation. Things aren’t looking to good for Gentlemen as of now since CBS has decided to banish the troubled comedy to Saturday nights (TV wasteland) in lieu of a more solid performing comedy Rules of Engagement.

Charlie’s Angels (ABC) – ABC put a lot of promotion behind this show over the summer. They aren’t getting a good return on their investment in the ratings area however. Airing on Thursday nights (the night that advertisers deem most important), Charlie’s Angels debuted to a disappointing 8.8 million viewers and its ratings have gone down in subsequent weeks. ABC has a lot of shows of (promising) shows sitting on its shelf waiting for viewers to see. I give Charlie’s Angels one more airing to prove itself in the ratings, if the Angels don’t stack up, you’ll hear them saying “Goodbye Charlie” for the final time.

Prime Suspect (NBC) – NBC had so much hope for this UK remake that it gave the show one of the most coveted timeslots on their schedule, Thursdays at 10p.m. Debuting to a paltry 6 million viewers isn’t quite the number NBC had in mind. Since the cancellation of The Playboy Club, Prime Suspect has occupied the timeslot of the former show in hopes to grab some extra viewers.Even though there might be a slight

chance that this will get picked up for a full season (out of desperation to keep timeslots occupied and not look like even more of a failure), a second season pickup is a long shot.

Community (NBC) – Even though this series in its 3rd season, its never been a highly rated show. Luckily, it aired on NBC and if you have at least 5 million viewers (it did) and if critics love the show (they do!), you wont have to worry about being cancelled. Well, this may not be the case anymore. The writing may finally be on the wall for Community since NBC is finding success with new comedies Up All Night and Whitney, and may be going down a different path when it comes to sitcoms in the near future. It was a blow for Community that it didn’t receive a single Emmy nomination for its highly acclaimed second season, but it would be even worse it this show were cancelled and a show like Whitney stayed on the air.

What other shows do you think will get cancelled this month? Leave comments below.

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