Tim Allen is back in ABC’s “Last Man Standing”

Yes, I am excited for this show to premiere this week. Last Man Standing probably wont debut as the top show on Tuesday night, it probably wont sweep the 2012 Primetime Emmys comedy categories like Modern Family did, and I highly doubt Last Man Standing will be appointment television for me, but there is a little part of me inside that wants it to be a success for ABC.

If anybody knows me and my love for TV, they know I am a sucker for good old fashion sitcoms from the 1980’s-early 2000’s, especially sitcoms revolving around family. There is nothing like watching a sitcom that is shot in front of a studio audience, recorded in a four camera format. The past couple of years there has been a stream of comedies shot in the single-camera format, and shows shot in this format are by far some of the best on TV (Modern Family, Parks and Recreation, 30 Rock), but Last Man Standing is something different, at least for me.

I loved watching family sitcoms while I was growing up, one being Tim Allen’s last ABC sitcom Home Improvement, which ran for 8 seasons. When I see Last Man Standing, it makes me hope that the multi-camera family sitcom may be able to make a comeback.

ABC is betting big with this comedy, as the network hopes to use this show as a launchpad for an Tuesday night comedy lineup later this year with the new comedies Man Up (premiering October 18th at 8:30p.m.), Apartment 23 premiering later this season, and the return of Cougar Town.

People may criticize this as Home Improvement in reverse (Home Improvement Allen has 3 sons, Last Man Standing Allen has 3 daughters), but this is what the network wanted; a familiar face who knows the sitcom game, with a formula that was previously successful for 8 years.

Lets just hope lightning can strike twice for Tim Allen and ABC with Last Man Standing.

Last Man Standing: Tuesdays at 8p.m. on ABC.

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