“New Girl” pulled from the Fox schedule until November. Why?

Fox announced this afternoon that it will be pulling it’s newest comedy New Girl from it’s schedule until November. You usually hear of networks doing this to shows that aren’t performing to the networks expectations in the ratings department, but never to a show that has been a ratings winner like New Girl.

New Girl, as well as Fox’s other comedies Glee and Raising Hope will be benched for the remainder of October in order for The X-Factor to air extra 2 hour installments, in addition to it’s Wednesday and Thursday airings. The push back until November is also due to MLB Playoffs that will be airing on Fox throughout the month.

Nobody knows what was behind Fox’s ridiculous decision, but hopefully it won’t hurt New Girl in the long run. Hopefully when New Girl returns November 1st, it’s high amount of viewers will return also.


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