“Once Upon a Time” or “Grimm” — Which primetime fairy tale will you be watching?

Grimm: Friday, October 28th @ 9p.m.

NBC’s next offering to premiere this season will be the fairy tale/mystery/crime drama Grimm. Based off of the stories of “The Brothers Grimm,” Grimm will follow a homicide detective as he learns that he is a descendant of ghost hunters. NBC is describing this show as a “cop drama… with a twist.”


Once Upon a Time: Sunday, October 23rd @ 8p.m.

This fairy tale is literally a fairy tale (hence the title). Once Upon a Time will be closely based to the classic fairy tales we knew as children, but set in the present day. The town that Once Upon a Time is set in is actualyl a parallel universe where the fairy tale characters look like ordinary people and dont know anything about their true idenities.

My Pick: Once Upon a Time

I feel that Once Upon a Time will be a stronger show from a storytelling standpoint. This show already has an awesome pedigree (produced by Lost alum Damon Lindelof). This show also has the potential to grow with a great cast, stunning visuals and its not on NBC, so it doesnt have to worry about getting cancelled right away.

For those unfortunate people who missed the critically acclaimed but cancelled way too early ABC comedy/drama Pushing Daisies, Once Upon a Time is the way for you to watch a modern day fairy tale.

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