Why Seth MacFarlane wants “Family Guy” to end and a re-boot the “Star Trek” franchise

In the past 12 years, Seth MacFarlane has quietly become one of the most successful people in the television industry. He had short success with Family Guy when in premiered in 1999 on Fox, for it to be cancelled at the end of its second season in 2000, to be brought back to life for a 13 episode order for a third season, then quickly cancelled again after that season. However, that didn’t stop MacFarlanes’ rise to the top of the TV industry.

MacFarlane is featured on this months issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine talking about his future plans for his growing empire.

With the exception of The Simpsons, MacFarlane controls the entire Sunday night lineup on Fox, which includes Family Guy, American Dad!, and The Cleveland Show. Next season MacFarlane will add the much-anticipated revival of The Flintstones, which MacFarlane will be lending his voice to, as he does with all of his series. Even though MacFarlane will be expanding his empire soon, he is also thinking about what he wants to do with his flagship series Family Guy.

In his interview with The Hollywood Reporter, MacFarlane expresses his interest to end Family Guy very soon. The show started its 10th season (!) last month and he feels like that’s way too long for a show, “Seven years is the right time span for a TV show. I mention the idea to fans all the time in hopes that they would want to end also. Their faces just turn pale  I mention the possibility of ending it” he tells The Hollywood Reporter. 

MacFarlane is also eager to re-boot one of his favorite franchises for TV; Star Trek. Even though he doesn’t specify if he would want to do an animated version (which is most likely what he would want to do), but he isn’t too sure if the studio that produced the original Star Trek franchise, Paramount Pictures, would be interested in getting back into the TV business with a new series.

Seth MacFarlane has worked hard to get his animated empire off the ground at Fox. He has seen his pride and joy Family Guy see two cancellations in two different seasons, and come back to the network 3 years later and bloom into a multi-billion dollar empire.

Even if he decides to end Family Guy soon, MacFarlane will still be one of the most successful showrunners in the business, and at the rate that he’s going, its debatable that anyone will be able to take that title from him anytime soon.

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