New Girl or 2 Broke Girls: Which girls are the ratings winners?

CBS’ 2 Broke Girls and Fox’s New Girl are undisputedly the biggest hit comedies of the new fall season so far (ABC’s Last Man Standing isn’t that far behind). However, these two new comedies have been on the air for a couple of weeks now and while both shows are different in format, storytelling, and comedic styling, they are both going after the same thing; the crown for TV’s biggest new comedy.

New Girl got a huge push during the summer by Fox and that paid off, with its pilot outperforming everyone’s expectations drawing in 10.28 million viewers, the biggest comedy opening for Fox since the premiere of The Bernie Mac Show in 2001. This wasnt just the audience testing out the show for the first time though. The ratings have grown in its second week, and weeks after that, unexpectedly beating out its lead-in, Glee.

2 Broke Girls was lucky enough to get a special series premiere after the huge season opener of the re-vamped Two and A Half Men, grabbing 19.2 million viewers (the biggest comedy premiere overall since 2001).

For the past couple of weeks, it seems like 2 Broke Girls was going to be the ratings champion of out this duo, but Zooey Deschanel has officially caught up to them. Both shows, with the help of Live +7 ratings (DVR playback within the last 7 days), both shows have tied each other with a 5.5 A18-49 demo.

New Girl has a lot more to brag about here than 2 Broke Girls. New Girl is much more impressive in this case because of the growth in audience it gets after Glee, while 2 Broke Girls can only boast about its stellar premiere ratings because it was previewed after Two and a Half Men.

Overall, I feel like New Girl is the superior show of the two, and deserves its spectacular ratings week in and week out. Zooey Deschanel is a natural in her role as the bubbly, awkward and “adorkable” (a new word coined by Fox describing the show). The embraces the role and makes it her own, which is difficuly because this role could have been a total flop if it was played by anyone else.

2 Broke Girls isn’t a bad show, it’s just not a great show. I will admit it was one of my most anticipated new comedies this season – mostly due to star Kat Dennings. My favorite part of this show by far that that you can tell is has a direction; Max (Dennings) and Caroline (Beth Behrs) trying to save money to open up their own cupcake shop. At the end of each episode it shows the audience how much money they have left until they reach their $250,000 goal.

With the ratings that 2 Broke Girls have been pulling within the last 5 weeks, and its full season pickup, this show will be on the CBS schedule for years to come. If comedies that are filled with raunchy jokes and characters that often bicker and constantly make fun of each other, 2 Broke Girls is the show for you.

Catch 2 Broke Girls Mondays @ 8:30p.m. on CBS.

Catch New Girl Tuesdays @ 9 on Fox (returning November 2nd).

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