Fear Factor is BACK!!!!!

NBC is bringing back one of its most successful reality shows for the Christmas season.

Fear Factor will be coming back to NBC with an initial eight episode run starting with a 2 hour season premiere Monday, December 12th. NBC’s president of alternative and late night programming Paul Teledgy promises the re-incarnated version will live up to the name of the original by taking advantage of the all the new modern-day stunt technology, offering more exciting and spectacular stunts compared to the original.

The shows original host, Joe Rogan will be back as host for the new edition.

Fear Factor orinigally ran on NBC from 2001-2005, moving to syndication in 2006.

I grew up watching Fear Factor, and i’m not going to lie, Monday December 12th I will be in front of a TV tuned to NBC to see if the show has gotten more daring like the network promises.

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