My Name is Earl: The Movie?!

My Name is Earl was one of NBC’s best comedies between 2000-2010 earning numerous award nominations and an Emmy for co-star Jamie Pressly. There was nothing worse to see the show unceremoniously cancelled by in 2009 after 4 seasons. Worse of all, it was cancelled without brothers Earl and Randy Hickey ever finishing their infamous karma list. Well, we may see the list be finished after all.

Jason Lee (Earl) told E! Online‘s Kristin Dos Santos that a movie to wrap up the series may be in the works. “I definitely see it happening. It’s time! We have to finish the list which we never got to do, so it’s sort of just floating out there in limbo somewhere incomplete.”

Rumors are that show creator Greg Garcia (Raising Hope) is on board to wrap things up. If this does happen, it may be hard to get Jamie Pressly to be involved since she is starring is the new Fox sitcom I Hate My Teenage Daughter premiering in November.

Talks of cancelled shows making movies to wrap up their storylines are often talked about, but rarely happens. But with Arrested Developement recently announcing that they will revive the series with 10 episodes plus a movie, there could be hope for My Name is Earl!

I sure hope there is!

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