What’s Halloween without your favorite Halloween themed episodes?



The Simpsons yearly “Treehouse of Horror” series is back for it’s 22nd installment. One of my favorite parts of “Treehouse Of Horror” is how they change the names of all the people listed in the credits to something Halloween-esque.

The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror will air October 30th @ 8p.m. on Fox.











Marilyn Monroe, Austin Powers, and a gay devil? Whatever Happy Endings is offering up for its Halloween themed episode airing October 26th on ABC looks like it’ll bring the laughs, as usual.






Anything dealing with Parks and Recreation is hilarious, so I have no doubt that this Halloween installment will be one for  this history books.

Park and Recreation: Thursday October 27th @ 8:30 on NBC





Anything that will get Sheldon screaming is worth watching!

The Big Bang Theory: Thursday October 27th @ 8 on NBC











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