Preview: Fox’s newest animated comedy “Allen Gregory”

Allen Gregory has to be one of the promising new Fox animated comedies in a long time. Just be this 2 minute clip, i’m giving it the JWalk seal of approval.

If Allen (Jonah Hill – Moneyball, Get Him to the Greek) were to describe himself, he wouldn’t see the 7-year old child that he is, he would see a sophisticated, intelligent, romantic and artistic young man. He claims to have written novels, composed operas, and dated actress Chloe Sevigny. Now he will not have to face the challenge of leaving home schooling with his  father Richard (French Stewart) where him and his father have developed a strong father/son bond and finally attend a public school.

Allen will have to face many obstacles once he arrives in school, but he will have people there to help him along the way, and also make things for difficult for him.

Even though Allen will come off as having a hard exterior, he ultimately wants to fit into a place that is unknown to him.

Allen Gregory will run for 7 episodes starting Sunday, October 30th at 8:30p.m. on Fox

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