Scrubs reunion on Cougar Town!

This will add to the list on why I love Cougar Town!!! Bill Lawrence, the creator and executive producer of both Cougar Town and Scrubs will be holding a de-facto Scrubs reunion on his current ABC sitcom sometime this spring.

Scrubs stars Zach Braff (J.D) and Robert Maschio (Todd) will be invading the cul-de-sac in roles that are being kept under wraps. You may ask how this is a reunion?

In the same episode, Sarah Chalke (Eliot on Scrubs) will start her recurring role as a love interest for Bobby (Brain Van Holt) this season. In the same episode, Ken Jenkins (Dr. Bob Kelso on Scrubs) will reprise his role as Jules’ dad, and Sam Lloyd (Ted on Scrubs) will play Hawaiian bum (Why will Hawaiian bum be in Florida?!). Christa Miller (Jordan Sullivan on Scrubs) is a regular on Cougar Town as Ellie.

Since Eliza Coupe (Denise Mahoney – Season 9) and Neil Flynn (Janitor) both star in ABC comedies, Happy Endings and The Middle respectively, it may be possible for them to make an appearance. The odds of that are slim to none, but one can hope!

I am a die-hard fan of both of these shows, so having the characters back together again is a way to remember what a great show Scrubs was.

Cougar Town is scheduled for the Tuesday 9p.m. this spring on ABC.

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