Why Wednesday is the best of the week for TV.

In my opinion, Wednesdays are the best night of the week for TV viewing. I wake up on Wednesday mornings ecstatic because I know after my long and stressful day, I will be able to sit down for 3 hours at the end of the day and truly unwind and watch some of the best shows on TV. Everyone might have their own nights, some people make not have a night at all. But Wednesdays are the best for me because of these reasons:

ABC Wednesday nights

If anyone knows me personally – and knows my viewing habits, you would know that I love sitcoms. All 4 networks have their own comedy lineups, I always look forward to ABC’s the most. Its pretty hard to find anything wrong with ABC’s hilarious comedies The Middle, Modern Family, and Happy Endings. I have been a huge fan of all three of these great shows from the beginning and have seen just about every episode of all three. Even though I still havent fallen in love with the newest comedy addition on this night, Suburgatory, I like the tone of the show and the direction that it is taking enough to not turn the channel before Modern Family airs.

I cannot forget to mention ABC’s 10p.m. drama Revenge starring Emily VanCamp. I originally didn’t think that this would be one of the shows that I would heavily invest my time in, I was ever so wrong. Even though Revenge is a campy soap-type drama, the plot of the show (VanCamp’s Emily Throne returns to the place she grew up to seek revenge on the people who killed her father) is very captivating since Emily is seeking revenge on a new person every week. We don’t know who will be next, but as she seeks her revenge, we also get another piece of the story of what really happened to her father. The mystery, and Emily VanCamp herself, keeps me coming back for more week after week.

American Horror Story

This show is too good not to mention! For some reason I immediately fell in love with the show when it premiere in early October on FX. Executive Producer Ryan Murphy pulled out all the stops to create this heart stopping, adrenaline pumping, edge of your seat horror story that has one of the best cast of any new show in recent memory (Dylan McDermott, Connie Britton, Frances Conroy and Jessica Lange). You know this is a great show when you cant wait to sit in a room with 7 other guys in a dark room to watch every week, trying to figure out the mystery of what the real story is about the house that was recently bought by the Harmon’s (McDermott, Britton).

Up All Night

While this isn’t one of my top favorites on Wednesdays, I do enjoy the show. NBC has bravely stepped out of its comfort zone and created a show that doesn’t completely revolve around a workplace-type setting, even know half the show revolves around Christina Applegate going back to work after having a baby. If ABC’s The Middle wasnt scheduled opposite of Up All Night, this would be my main priority at 8p.m.


Other Shows:

Law and Order: SVU vs CSI. The final series in the long running Law and Order franchise goes up against the show that started the CSI franchise. If you like one, you probably wont like the other. So even though they’re in the same timeslots, it’s probably not affecting that many people.

South Park: I hate this show. But its been a mainstay on Comedy Central for 15 seasons, so some people are watching it.

The X-Factor: Many thought when Fox scheduled this show on Wednesday’s, it was going to crush all of its competition. Those people who though that were wrong! Modern Family and CBS’ Criminal Minds regularly beat The X-Factor in the ratings.

Psych. Not one of my favorite shows, but this USA comedy/drama holds its own in the ratings when competing with other shows on various broadcast and cable networks.

Extreme Couponing. Watch this show once on TLC and you’ll be hooked!

The Soup: E! announced today that the long running show that pokes fun at all things reality TV related will be moving to Wednesday nights as of November 3rd. Yet another show to watch on Wednesdays.

Did I miss any shows?

Whats your favorite TV night of the week? Let me know by commenting below!








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