Most Anticipated Mid-season show number 2: Fox’s “Napoleon Dynamite”

Yes, you read this right! Fox is recreating the hit 2004 indie movie of the same name, but in animated form.

Napoleon Dynamite will continue to follow the adventures of this incredibly awkward teenager and the friends and family in his life in rural Idaho. Despite this show being a cartoon, it’s the same as the Fox Searchlight Studio film. The original cast from the movie is back including Jon Heder, Efren Ramirez, Tina Majorino, Sandy Martin, Jon Gries and Diedrich Bader. More characters will be added along the way as the show progresses.

There are questions that the show may be a little too late to capitalize on the movie’s overwhelming success. However, the name recognition on this show alone will have people wanting to sample it to see if it lives up to the feature film.

It’s great that Fox is finally straying away from all the Seth MacFarlane-produced cartoons for a while with Napoleon Dynamite, Allen Gregory, and last years newest cartoon addition, Bob’s Burgers. Whenever Napoleon Dynamite is placed on the Fox schedule this spring, it’ll get the audience that it needs to survive its initial 13 episodes.

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