Is Community on the verge of cancellation?

It’s no secret that Community is one of NBC’s most critically acclaimed, but lowest rated shows currently on the air.

When this show debuted three seasons ago – to low ratings, the ratings stayed low. But ratings weren’t a problem for NBC for that couple of seasons because all of NBC’s Thursday night comedies’ ratings were low. It’s impossible to cancel a show like Community, when critics love it, NBC would never hear the end of it from critics. NBC tends to show sympathy to low rated shows when renewal time comes in May if critics give praise to a show (Chuck, Friday Night Lights), and Community, plus other NBC Thursday night comedies Parks and Recreation and 30 Rock have been able to escape cancellation because they are critically acclaimed, and awards magnets.

But the question here is: Is this Community‘s last season? NBC seems to be moving in another direction with its comedy development slate for next season centered and big name stars like Dane Cook, Roseanne, and Snoop Dogg. It’s kind of hard to envision Community bunched in with these new comedies. Also, with its newest (modest) hits Whitney and Up All Night pulling double the numbers that Community is, it may be time for the students at Glendale Community College to be dismissed.

Another indication of cancellation, Community star Yvette Nicole Brown (Shirley) tweeted something this morning that may suggest imminent cancellation. Her tweet read “Just a general note. The cover of a magazine doesn’t keep a show on the air. Shows end when ratings are too low to justify them staying on.” As of last week, Community tied their previous series low of 3.46 million viewers and an A18-49 demo rating of 1.4. Free Agents got cancelled after a 1.0 rating. To be fair though, The World Series did air opposite of Community last Thursday, and proved to be huge competition for everything that night (

Does Yvette Nicole Brown and the cast of Community know something that the viewing public doesn’t know? Keep checking back for more Community updates!


  1. Um, wow. My tweets yesterday had nothing to do with, in your words: “the imminent cancellation of community”. Community has a full season order of 22 episodes for this year. Whether it’s back next fall for a 4th season won’t be decided until May of 2012. I don’t have any magical way of knowing whether it will be back or not. And I don’t spend my time speculating about the odds. However many seasons we’re ultimately on, be it 3 or 30, is a blessing.

    To clarify–that which could have easily been asked instead of assumed–I was referencing tweets I received about magazine covers “saving” shows perceived to be on the bubble. What followed was a lively, informative exchange with a lot of the folks on twitter about ratings, the kindness of fan devotion, etc.

    I wish you had read my timeline before posting this alarmist post and quoting me in it as if my tweet was some clue to the inner workings of scheduling at NBC. I assure you, a tweet from me never will be. 😉

    You are, of course, well within your rights to speculate all you want about the state of Thursday night television. I just kindly ask that you not involve me in the future.

    You have a blessed day.
    Yvette Nicole Brown

    1. I did read your tweets, and like you said, it was all speculation! I am honored that you read my post and didn’t mean to offend in any way. I am glad for you and the cast and crew that Community has a full season pick up this season, and while next season is up in the air, I wish you guys all the best.

      Once again, thank you for reading!

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