Fox picks up The X-Factor for a 2nd season

There wasn’t any surprise that Fox would eventually pick-up its newest talent competition The X-Factor, the biggest question was when this announcement going to happen.

This fall season has been the kind of fall Fox has wanted for a long time; strong, new programming that is competitive with the other networks, while being able to hold the network over until its ratings behemoth, American Idol premieres in January.

Even though The X-Factor isn’t the ratings crusher that Fox and creator Simon Cowell originally envisioned, it pulls better ratings than any new or returning comedy or drama on Fox would be able to produce in the Wednesday/Thursday timeslots that it occupies. The X-Factor is able to compete with some of TV’s biggest hits like ABC’s Modern Family and Grey’s Anatomy, and well as CBS’ Criminal Minds and The Big Bang Theory. Not many other new shows can claim that.

I’m not a big fan of The X-Factor, but it’s good to see that Fox has got a reliable fall anchor that it can rely on until the big dog, American Idol comes back in the spring.

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