CBS announces its 2012 spring fall schedule. ¡ROB! starring Rob Schneider lands on Thursdays

CBS showed its stability today with very small announcements about its mid-season 2012 plans. Only two nights will be slightly different next year, Thursdays and Sundays.

CBS has announced the premiere (and name) of the new mid-season comedy starring Rob Schneider, titled ¡ROB! Schneider will star as a bachelor who just married into a very close Mexican-American family. ¡ROB! co-stars Cheech Marin, Claudia Bassols, and Lupe Ontiveros. ¡ROB! will premiere Thursday January 12th at 830pm. after The Big Bang Theory.

Season three of the Emmy award-winning reality Undercover Boss will return to its home of Sunday nights at 8pm beginning January 15th

Night-by-night breakdown


  • 8pm – The Big Bang Theory
  • 830pm – ¡ROB! (January 12th)
  • 9pm Person of Interest
  • 10pm The Mentalist


  • 7pm – 60 Minutes
  • 8pm – Undercover Boss
  • 9pm – The Good Wife
  • 10pm – CSI: Miami

The only show left CBS will have to debut next year is the police drama The 2-2, which hasn’t been given a timeslot yet.

The Amazing Race will return to Sundays later this season, and Rules of Engagement is also set to return to its timeslot  – Thursdays at 830pm, later this season, according to CBS.

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