If you watch Two and a Half Men tonight, you’ll notice something very different….

New Two and a Half Men set

When you watch tonight’s new episode of Two and a Half Men, you’re going to notice something big! An extreme makeover is about to happen.

A big part of this revamped season has been that Walden (Ashton Kutcher) wanted to resign the Malibu beach house that he bought from Charlie (Charlie Sheen) after his death. This week is the week that it’s happening. With Alan (Jon Cryer) stuck in a mental institution after taking on Charlie’s old persona in last week’s episode, he’s going to notice a big change when he returns home this week, if he recognizes it that is.

The renovation of the bland and dark living room that we’ve known for eight seasons is gone, and the new house that’s decked out in a new age, modern design that doesn’t look at that bad, and should provide some laughs throughout the next couple of episodes.

The new Two and a Half Men house will be revealed tonight at 9p.m. on CBS.

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