Arrested Development officially has a new home: Netflix

Netflix is officially bringing back the Bluth family in 2013.

The cult comedy Arrested Development finally has a new home after years of speculation of a movie being made. The movie streaming company Netflix won the intense bidding war to resurrect the series, beating out Showtime and Hulu.

Arrested Development, which originated as a Fox series in 2003, was created by Mitch Hurwitz and stars Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, Portia de Possi, and Jeffrey Tambor and was a critical hit and an awards magnet, but wasn’t so successful in the ratings department. Even after winning 6 Emmys, and countless other awards, the cult comedy never found a suitable audience for Fox to continue to its run. Fox cancelled Arrested Development after its third season in 2006.

Rumors about an Arrested Development movie have been swirling since February 2008 when star Jason Bateman started a rumor that “the wheels are in motion for a feature film.” Since then, fans have been eagerly awaiting for their cult series to be resurrected, one way or another. In 2010, more rumors started to develop when Will Arnett announced that filming on the movie would start in 2010, despite the script not being completed, and no release date for the movie being set. The rumors finally started to become a reality for fans with creator Mitch Hurwitz announced himself, at the New Yorker Festival, that  a fourth season of 10 episodes would indeed happen, leading to a final feature film to wrap up the whole series.

20th Century Fox, the studio who produced the original series, will once again produce the series for Netflix. Even though there is an official announcement that this long-time rumor will happen, there are still many details to work out. How many episodes will be produced? And more importantly, will the whole cast be involved?

The last question is most important. Fans awaiting the return of Arrested Development would love to see the whole Bluth clan back together. However, due to prior commitments with some of the cast members, that may be easier said than done. Will Arnett is currently starring in NBC’s Up All Night, Jessica Walter is currently attached to the TVLand comedy Retired at 35, and Portia de Rossi currently has a development deal at NBC. Without the whole cast, would a new season be worth it? Even though no contracts have been signed, the whole cast in on board for the revival.

As for the movie rumors, those are still what they are; rumors. The show is returning to Netflix, and with the streaming capabilities and lack of FCC restrictions, you can guarantee the Bluth’s are going to be so much more than what they could have been on Fox. With this final farewell, and on a platform like Netflix, is a feature film even needed?

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