“The Muppets” TV series?

In the wake of “Muppets Fever” that’s been sweeping America within the last couple of weeks, NBC has decided to capitalize on that by ordering a hybrid-comedy from Muppets creator The Jim Henson Company The New Nabors.

According to Deadline.com, NBC is close to closing a script deal on the single camera project The New Nabors, a human-puppet comedy revolving around a human family and the difficulties they encounter as they move in next door to a family of puppets. This wouldn’t be the first time NBC dabbled with puppetry in primetime. The network found success in the late 1980’s with ALF, starring a puppet from outer space who moves in with an American family.

The most recent effort with integrating puppets into a TV show was the cult Fox comedy Greg The Bunny on Fox in 2002. The 90’s WB sitcom Unhappily Ever After also incorporated a puppet into the series. Mr Floppy was a talking stuffed bunny that lived in the basement.

This may be a potential hit for the struggling network, depending on the performance of The Muppets movie’s box office performance over the long holiday weekend. The Muppets proved to be a success on Saturday Night Live on this weekend, as multiple characters joined Muppets co-star Jason Segal in numerous sketches, including a great monologue, and a perfect “REALLY?!?!” segment during Weekend Update featuring Kermit the Frog and Seth Meyers.

As NBC is determined to shift directions next year in the comedy department, this human/muppets comedy may be the perfect vehicle to set this comedy apart from the competitors on other networks.

Clip of NBC’s Alf: 

Clip of The WB’s Unhappily Ever After:

Clip of Fox’s Greg the Bunny:

The Muppets during the opening monologue with Jason Segal on Saturday Night Live


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