Fox announces premiere dates for “Touch” “Alcatraz” “The Finder” and “Napolean Dynamite”

Fox has just announced its 2012 midseason schedule are there a lot of big things coming to Fox in the within the next month.

The highly anticipated Bones spin-off The Finder will kick off Fox’s mid-season plans Thursday, January 12th, new animated series Napoleon Dynamite will join the Sunday night animation block January 15th. The new J.J Abrams mystery drama Alcatraz will debut Monday, January 16th. American Idol will return for its 11th season Wednesday, January 18, while Kiefer Sutherland’s new drama Touch will get a special series premiere preview after American Idol on Wednesday, January 25th; before its official premiere Monday, March 19 at 9p.m.

Fox is set to introduce a new Tuesday night comedy block in March once Glee is on it annual hiatus. Encores of New Girl at 8p.m. (I Hate My Teenage Daughter may take that slot, but more time has to pass to see if the newly debuted comedy is a success). Breaking In will be making its return at 830p.m. on March 6th, New Girl will be anchoring the night at 9p.m., and Raising Hope staying put at 930p.m.

Beginning Wednesday, February 1st, American Idol will settle into its one hour 8p.m. home so the reality show Mobbed can return at 9p.m until February 15th.

Kitchen Nightmares and Fringe will resume new episodes in the same timeslot on Friday, January 13th.

Napoleon Dynamite is set to premiere Sunday, January 15th at 830p.m., with an additional airing later the same night at 930p.m. Napoleon Dynamite will remain on Sundays at 830p.m. until March 2nd, then the season premiere of Bob’s Burgers will take over the 830p.m. timeslot for the rest of the season. After its current run, Allen Gregory isn’t expected to return to the schedule.

Night-by-Night breakdown:

Monday, Jan 16

  • 8-10p.m. – Alcatraz (Series Premiere)

Monday, Jan 23

  • 8p.m. – House (New Time Slot)
  • 9p.m. – Alcatraz (Regular Time Slot)

Monday, March 19

  • 8p.m. – House
  • 9p.m. – Touch (Series Premiere)

Tuesdays in March

  • 8p.m. – New Girl (Repeats)
  • 830p.m. – Breaking In (Season Premiere)
  • 9p.m. – New Girl
  • 930p.m. – Raising Hope

Wednesday, January 11

  • 8p.m. – Mobbed (Encore)
  • 9p.m. – Mobbed 

Wednesday, January 18

  • 8p.m. – American Idol (Season Premiere)

Wednesday, January 25

  • 8p.m. – American Idol
  • 9p.m. – Touch (Special Preview)

Wednesdays, beginning February 15th

  • 8-10p.m. – American Idol

Thursday, January 12th

  • 8p.m. – Bones (Encore)
  • 9p.m. – The Finder (Series Premiere)

Thursdays, beginning January 19th

  • 8p.m. – American Idol
  • 9p.m. – The Finder

Fridays, beginning January 13th

  • 8p.m. – Kitchen Nightmares
  • 9p.m. – Fringe

Sunday, January 15th

  • 7p.m. – Bob’s Burgers (Encore)
  • 730 p.m. – The Cleveland Show
  • 8p.m. – The Simpsons
  • 830p.m. – Napoleon Dynamite (Series Premiere)
  • 9p.m. – Family Guy 
  • 930p.m. – Napoleon Dynamite (Special Preview)

Sundays, beginning January 29

  • 7p.m. – Bob’s Burgers (Encore)
  • 730 p.m. – The Cleveland Show
  • 8p.m. – The Simpsons
  • 830p.m. – Napoleon Dynamite 
  • 9p.m. – Family Guy 
  • 930p.m. – American Dad

Sundays, beginning March 11

  • 7p.m. – Animated Encores
  • 730 p.m. – The Cleveland Show
  • 8p.m. – The Simpsons
  • 830p.m. – Bob’s Burgers (Season Premiere)
  • 9p.m. – Family Guy 
  • 930p.m. – American Dad

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