Preview: Season 6 of “30 Rock”

Liz Lemon and company is back, and Liz has a secret!

NBC’s 30 Rock is entering its sixth season in January and judging by the first promo released by the network today, it looks like the characters are still up their usual antics at Rockefeller Center.

In the episode titled “Someone’s Got a Secret,” we don’t know too much about the secret that Liz is keeping from everyone, but it doesn’t look like she wants anyone to find out. However, i’m sure that strong-willed Liz will go through just about anything to keep people from knowing.

One more thing, Kelsey Grammar (Frasier, Boss) is guest-starring in the season premiere! Another reason why season 6 needs to hurry.

30 Rock premieres Thursday, January 12th at 8p.m. on NBC.

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