TV Ratings for Monday, December 12th: Fear Factor comes back huge

CBS pulled off a first place win as usual on Monday night with a special 8p.m. episode of 2 Broke Girls (12.46 million viewers, A18-49: 4.1), a repeat of 2 Broke Girls (10.25 million viewers, A18-49: 3.3), Two and a Half Men (14.71 million viewers, A18-49: 4.6), Mike & Molly (12.83 million viewers, A18-49: 3.9), and Hawaii 5-0 (10.93 million viewers, A18-49: 2.8).

NBC jumped to second place with the return of Fear Factor (8.69 million viewers, A18-49: 3.2), and another episode of Fear Factor (8.52 million viewers, A18-49: 3.5), and a new episode of Rock Center with Brian Williams (4.04 million viewers, A18-49: 1.1). This is the best Monday night NBC has had all season, as the best Monday night since 2008.

Fox placed third with a new Terra Nova (6.99 million viewers, A18-49: 2.1), and a repeat of House (4.42 million viewers, A18-49: 1.4).

ABC fell to fourth with a repeat of I Want a Dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown (5.30 million viewers, A18-49: 1.9), a new episode of You Deserve It (3.40 million viewers, A18-49: 0.9), and a repeat of Castle (4.16 million viewers, A18-49: 1.0).

Lastly, The CW aired encores of Hart of Dixie (1.42 million viewers, A18-49: 0.4), and another Hart of Dixie (1.36 million viewers, A18-49: 0.5).

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  1. I loved the new shows! Even though there are some scenes that may have been a little much for most people, I think those who actually enjoy watching Fear Factor won’t mind seeing the more intense and gross challenges. My cousin hadn’t had a chance to see them yet, so I told him to go DISH Online (which is where I watched them) to see them, and I have yet to hear back from him. A lot of the stunts were a bit extreme, but I still love Fear Factor. He liked Fear Factor when it was on years ago, and I am sure he is going to like the new season. Working for DISH, I have become very familiar with DISH Online and it is great! There are all kinds of shows and movies that are free, plus if you are a subscriber, you have even more shows and movies to watch! I’m sure he loved it.

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