Golden Globe nominations. The surprise nominees and more!

Yesterday, The Screen Actors Guild announced its nominees this past TV season and I thought it had a huge yawn factor to it. Today, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) decided to give people something to talk about with its nominations of the Golden Globes. The Golden Globes has always been that awards show to reward new shows and talent instead of the same actors and TV shows from previous years. It’s always exciting to see who will get nominated for a Golden Globe because it’s so unpredictable. This year, it’s no different.

Here is the full list of nominees from the 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards.

TV Series, Drama:

  • American Horror Story 
  • Boardwalk Empire
  • Boss
  • Game of Thrones
  • Homeland
This is a category that I’m sure took everyone by surprise. No nominations for last years nominees The Good Wife, Mad Men, Dexter, or The Walking Dead. The only returning show to the nominees in this category is Boardwalk Empire, where its likely to win just like last year. Game of Thrones was a shoe-in for a nom after its successful first season, and its great to see American Horror Story and Homeland get rewarded from their first seasons, since they were snubbed at the SAG’s yesterday. Starz’ Boss was really the wild card in this category. Even though it has struggled in its first season, it is the kind of new drama the HFPA loves, and it stars former Golden Globe winner Kelsey Grammer, who was also nominated this year for his performance.
Actor in a TV Series, Drama
  • Steve Buscemi – Boardwalk Empire
  • Bryan Cranston – Breaking Bad
  • Kelsey Grammer – Boss
  • Jeremy Irons – The Borgias
  • Damian Lewis – Homeland
This category features only two carryover nominees from last year, Buscemi and Cranston. The rest of the nominees are complete surprises to the category. It’s great that Damian Lewis got nominated for Homeland, he should have gotten nominated yesterday for a SAG. Since Boss was nominated for Best TV Series, Drama, Grammer was a lock for a nomination. Irons for The Borgias? Completely random. I would have liked to see Timothy Olyphant from Justified, Kyle Chandler from Friday Night Lights or Dylan McDermott from American Horror Story be rewarded here.
Actress in a TV Series, Drama:
  • Claire Danes – Homeland
  • Mireille Enos – The Killing
  • Julianna Margulies – The Good Wife
  • Madeleine Stowe – Revenge
  • Callie Thorne – Necessary Roughness
I think this is a great category. It’s a surprise that last years surprise winner Katey Segal from Sons of Anarchy wasn’t nominated here, but there are still a lot of great women here. Anoyone one of these actresses could win. Julianna Margulies won in 2009 for the dirst season of The Good Wife, so its not a necessity for her to win again. Mireille Enos was great on all 13 episodes of The Killing, even after fans outraged over the twist in the season finale, and its no surprise that Claire Danes was nominated for Homeland. The two shocks here, Madeleine Stowe from Revenge and Callie Throne from Necessary Roughness. I watch both of the shows and think both women are great, but I don’t think either will win. In my opinion, they are just here in this category so the HFPA can say they have new talent in the competition this year. Yet again, I also have to mention the lack of nomination for Connie Britton for either Friday Night Lights or American Horror Story. Britton is one of the best actresses on TV today. What does this woman have to do to earn an award?
TV Series, Comedy:

  •  New Girl
  • Enlightened
  • Episodes
  • Glee
  • Modern Family
I usually love the TV Comedy category, since this is the category I watch the most. I have to say this is a pretty boring category this year. Glee has wont the last two years in a row over Modern Family here at The Golden Globes, I don’t think its going to happen again. Modern Family will no doubt take the award this year. I don’t know where Episodes and Enlightened came from in this category. Where’s Parks and Recreation (the only comedy that could – and deserves to dethrone Modern Family as the winner in this category). The Big Bang Theory was nominated last year, I don’t understand why it wasnt this year also. I wouldn’t have a problem seeing Enlightened and Episodes removed and Big Bang and Parks and Rec inserted into this category. It’s great to see New Girl, the only new breakout show of the fall, nominated for Best Comedy. It’s also a big surprise that 30 Rock isn’t in this category, since its been nominated every year since 2007, winning in 2008.
Actor in a TV Series, Comedy:
  • Alec Baldwin –  30 Rock
  • David Duchovny – Californication
  • Johnny Galecki –  The Big Bang Theory
  • Thomas Jane  – Hung
  • Matt LeBlanc –  Episodes
This is another comedy category that I don’t understand. Where’s Steve Carell for The Office? Where’s Jim Parsons for The Big Bang Theory, even though is co-star Johnny Galecki was nominated. Thomas Jane was nominated last year for Hung, but it’s still a surprise to see him back. I would have rather see Duchovny and LeBlanc left out of this category. Even though his acting on Two and a Half Men isnt award worthy, Ashton Kuthcer would have been a great wild card in this category. It also would have been welcoming to see Elijah Wood nominated for his hilarious role on Wilfred, or Louie C.K. nominated for Louie.
Actress in a TV Series, Comedy:
  • Tina Fey – 30 Rock
  • Amy Poehler – Parks and Recreation
  • Laura Dern – Enlightened
  • Zooey Deschanel – New Girl 
  • Laura Linney – The Big C
Another comedy category that I don’t understand. Linney, Dern, and I will even say Tina Fey shouldnt have received nominations this year since there are a slew of comedic woman out there on newer shows that should be recognized. I would substitute Kaley Cuoco from The Big Bang Theory,  Christina Applegate from Up All Night, and Martha Plimption from Raising Hope in the category in a heartbeat.
– The big shame at The Golden Globes is that the Supporting actor roles for TV series and combined with the mini-series/made for TV category. This has always been a problem before because so many actors and actress are left out when they deserve to be nominated. The only problem is that comedy and drama are combined also. So in the Supporting Actor category for TV, Eric Stonestreet from Modern Family will have to face off against Peter Dinklage from Game of Thrones. Both Emmy winners and great actors. However, its pretty tough here for TV actors to prevail over the mini-series/TV movie actors
-The women nominated for TV Supporting Actress roles are Sofia Vergara (Modern Family), Jessica Lange (American Horror Story), and Kelly MacDonald (Boardwalk Empire).
-The 68th Annual Golden Globe Awards will air Sunday, January 15th at 8p.m. on NBC

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