MTV revives “Punk’d”

After months of speculation, MTV has finally released information that the hidden camera prank show would once again grace the air of MTV and start punking a new generation of stars in Hollywood.

Over the summer, MTV executives started talks about reviving Punk’d, the hit reality show that aired from 2003-2005. Executive Producer Ashton Kutcher is onboard with the newly revived show and once again serve as Executive Producer.

MTV hasn’t announced the new host of Punk’d yet, but it’s very unlikely that Kutcher will take the role again since he is starring on CBS’ Two and a Half Men. The cable network is saving the unveiling of the new host of Punk’d for a special occasion; New Years Eve.

One thing that we do know is that Punk’d won’t have just one host. A new celebrity will be hosting every week, which could be interested because each celebrity may want to Punk his or her personal friend or colleague, which will add an extra element of excitement and entertainment to each episode. One celebrity is already lined up for the first episode, Justin Bieber.

The host/hosts will be revealed during MTV’s live New Years Eve telecast next week.

Hopefully on of the celebrity host is Justin Timberlake. Maybe he can put Ashton Kutcher and give him a taste of his own medicine for making Timberlake cry on TV. Kutcher, WATCH OUT!

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