Will Ashton Kutcher return to “Two and a Half Men” next season?

This season, Ashton Kutcher made headlines for replacing Charlie Sheen after he was fired by CBS and Warner Brothers Studios after an 8 year stint on TV’s #1 comedy Two and a Half Men. Sheen was officially fired from Two and Half Men on April 7th after making anti-Semitic remarks about his boss, Two and a Half Men Executive Producer Chuck Lorre – and having a slew of personal problems that frequently landed Sheen in rehab or in jail, forcing the show to shut down production more than once.

For a month this past spring, all of Hollywood was buzzing about what would happen to Two and a Half Men after Sheen’s abrupt termination. Would the show be cancelled? Would the show continue without Sheen? Would someone replace him? There was tons of speculation of what would happen, and many names rumored to replace Sheen, which included John Stamos and Hugh Grant. On May 13th at CBS’ annual upfront presentations, Lorre finally made the announcement that everyone was waiting for – that Two and a Half Men would indeed continue into its ninth season, and it would be led by Ashton Kutcher.

When Kutcher’s name was revealed as the new co-star of Two and a Half Men, it was a surprise to many people, or at least it was to me. It was hard to envision Kutcher on this show, and what role he would play, which was being kept top-secret until the shows premiere in the fall. Would he be a long-lost child of Charlie’s? Nobody knew.

The one thing that nobody knew is that Kutcher only signed onto the Men gig for one season, which is already half way done.

Kutcher and "Two and a Half Men" Executive Producer Chuck Lorre

The big question is….will Kutcher return to Two and Half Men for the shows tenth season next fall?

Chuck Lorre is doing everything he can to get him to sign a contract for another season, according to an interview Lorre did with The Hollywood Reporter.

“Optimism and comedy writing are not necessarily things that go hand-in-hand. But I’m as optimistic as I possibly can be about the show right now.  There are so many other factors involved, I really can’t think about [next year] right now.”

Lorre didn’t state if he knew if Kutcher would return for another season of the show, but I can’t imagine why he wouldn’t. Despite his very publicized divorce from his wife of six-years, Demi Moore, Kutcher has a great gig on Two and a Half Men. Albeit he wont be winning any major awards for his portrayal of childish and emotional billionaire tycoon Walden Schmidt, he is keeping a show that was doomed to fail without its star afloat, and bringing in more viewers to CBS than Charlie Sheen did this time last year.

At the pace Two and a Half Men is going now, CBS executives and Chuck Lorre will do just about anything to get Ashton Kutcher to sign on for another season. Only time will tell if Kutcher will actually be onboard for another season on the hit Monday night sitcom.

Two and a Half Men airs Mondays at 9p.m. on CBS.

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