Will Tim Tebow host “Saturday Night Live”

If Saturday Night Live Executive Producer Lorne Michaels has his way, the quarterback may be visiting the show for the first time before the end of the season.

It’s no secret that SNL is a big fan of Tim Tebow. During the December 17th episode, there was a sketch poking fun at Tebow’s strong Christian faith, having Jesus (Jason Sudeikis) visiting Tebow (Taran Killiam) in the Bronco’s locker room, telling the quarterback that he is the one responsible for the teams winning streak this season.



Even though Tebow wouldn’t be allowed to host the show during the football season, the people at SNL knows that having the 24-year-old quarterback on the show would be huge for the shows ratings, and they hope that he would agree to appear on the show to capitalize on his fame as soon as they can.

With the stellar season that Saturday Night Live has been having so far, it would be in true SNL fashion to have a high-profile quarterback on the stage in front of millions of viewers, lets just hope SNL can make it happen.

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