“American Horror Story” will be back for a second season…with a new cast!


Last nights season finale of American Horror Story answered all of questions surrounding the haunted house, the death of the Harmons, and how the family coped with each other’s death. Executive Producer Ryan Murphy gave Entertainment Weekly his take on everything that happened on American Horror Story this season to Entertainment Weekly here. Murphy also dropped a bombshell today, saying that he plans on having a new cast for season 2.

At this point in time, we have no idea if we’re going to see Dylan McDermott, Connie Britton, or Jessica Lange again, and if we do, it might only be part time. “Some of them will be coming back. I’m talking to several of them and we’re in negotiations. There will be familiar faces, but there will also be new faces on the show.”

Murphy teased that if the cast does back, they will be back as new characters, creatures, and monsters; whatever that means. “That’s the fun thing about doing an anthology series” Murphy said. “Each season we can have new themes and characters.”

Murphy knew this was going to happen when he pitched the series to the current stars. Connie Britton just came off of a five-year run of Friday Night Lights and didn’t want to make another long term commitment like that so soon. Same for Jessica Lange, says Murphy.

Since AHS is a cable show, seasons are only 13 episodes long, which means a much smaller time commitment compared to a series on a broadcast network. Murphy acknowledged that many big named stars have expressed interest in joining AHS in upcoming seasons because of the shows “unique mission.”

Murphy hoped to announce his new cast, new house, and theme for season 2 as soon as February.

AHS has the distinction of being FX’s highest rated series in its first season – with last nights finale drawing 4.4 million viewers, the series’ highest rated episode of the season. At this point in time, American Horror Story is performing better than Murphy’s last FX series, Nip/Tuck.

It will be interesting to see how Murphy incorporates a new cast, crew, and theme to his newest hit drama.

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