Television Critics Association Press Tour: Fox

The Television Critics Association press tour is a yearly event when TV executives and the stars of new and returning TV shows gather in New York City for a week to discuss the latest developments at each network. The new, the old, the good, and the bad are discussed, along with all of the viewers’ and critics questions about our favorite TV shows. Unfortunately, I couldn’t be there in person, but that’s not going to stop me from reporting on all the latest news straight from the stars and the executives who make all of the decisions.


With many shows it question for next season, Fox Entertainment President Kevin Reilly  answered many questions about the fate of the majority of his shows, without giving definitive answers.

Glee – The big question around Glee this season is what will happen to the characters who play seniors at the end of this season? Lea Michele, Cory Montieth, and Chris Colfer are the three stars that have been the center of the debate – will they stay on the show, or will they leave? There was speculation that there would be a Glee spin-off, but Reilly has officially said that no Glee spin-off is in the works. He notes that (Co-creator) Ryan Murphy has a “cool idea” on what will happen to the characters for next season. Reilly did all of this without even confirming that Glee will be back for a fourth season, but did add that if so, Lea Michele is confirmed to make a return.

House – The veteran drama House drama is in limbo to return next season. Fox executives announced in May that this season of House, its 8th, would likely be its last season. But it’s still not official. “We haven’t had our big meeting with the producers yet” states Reilly. Even if this will be the last season of the medical drama, Reilly assured critics that it wont go out unceremoniously, so there will be a big finale for House either way. A decision on the shows fate should be announced next month.

Fringe – “We lose a lot of money on the show. We are not in the business of losing money” Reilly told the critics in the crowd. Fringe has never been a big performer for Fox, even on Friday nights. This show has made it 4 seasons, which is more than I thought. It will most likely be cancelled in May.

Allen Gregory – The animated show from Jonah Hill has officially been cancelled.

The Simpsons – The 500th episode of the long running cartoon will air Sunday, February 19th at 8p.m.

Ryan Seacrest and American Idol – The contract for Seacrest is up at the end of this season. There have been loads of speculation within the last few months of Seacreat leaving Fox and American Idol to go to NBC to replace Matt Lauer as the host of The Today Show. Even though that hasn’t been confirmed, its highly unlikely that Fox will give Seacrest another monster contract like his current one – 3 year/$45 million. It’s evident that people on American Idol are replaceable since new judges Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler have been very successful on the show. Reilly states that “We certainly want to keep him” – but at what price?

Bones – It’s highly likely that the show will be renewed for an 8th (and final) season.

24 movie – Keifer Sutherland confirms that a 24 movie will go into production in April or May. His new Fox series Touch will get a sneak preview January 25th, before its debut in March.

The fate of The X-Factor host Steve Jobs – Reilly confirmed that there will be changed to the personnel on the show, but didn’t specify who. Jobs has had problems connecting with the audience, and rumors are swirling that he will be replaced. Reality TV President Mike Darnell said that no decision will be made until May.

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