Ashton Kutcher still not sure of his “Two and a Half Men” future

This is the third straight winter that Two and a Half Men has been the main attraction at the Television Critics Association – in 2009, when the goal was to get Charlie Sheen to renew his contract, last year when the show was trying to figure out how to continue without Sheen, and this year wondering whether Ashton Kutcher will be back for the shows 10th season.

Kutcher was at the TCA session with his boss, Two and a Half Men Creator and Producer Chuck Lorre, and he commented on his future on the show:

“The deal we structured was kinda a test deal. The show is outperforming the numbers from before I was here, and I think people are responding to it. For me having a show people like and want more of will dictate my decision. Right now I’m looking at (summer) as a hiatus, I have a lot of fun and would love to come back.” – This means that Kutcher is waiting on the right dollar amount before he commits to another season.

There’s no secret that Lorre was fully prepared to end production of Two and a Half Men last season after the very public Charlie Sheen meltdown took place. Now with Kutcher onboard, and the show doing better in the ratings than it was this time last year – when Sheen was still on the show. Lorre and CBS are looking at ways to continue the show for another season, with Kutcher as the co-star.

Nina Tassler will do just about anything to make sure Two and a Half Men sees its 10th season on CBS. The show is still ranked the #1 comedy on television and crushes its competition each week, even if the show is in reruns. Pretty impressive for a show that is in its 9th season and has seen the turmoil that this show has.

In addition to Men, Lorre is also the co-creator and executive producer of the CBS hits The Big Bang Theory and Mike & Molly.

Two and a Half Men airs Mondays at 9p.m. on CBS.

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