“The X-Factor” host Steve Jones confirms he’s out of the show

Since October, rumors have been circulating heavily over the job of Steve Jones, the host of Fox’s The X-Factor. Now its official…HE’S GONE.

Today, Jones confirmed on his Twitter page that he would not be returning to The X-Factor as a host for the second season. This should be a surprise to anyone. Jones never really resonated with the American audience (he’s a popular presenter in the UK), which lead to the rumors of him being replaced early on during the show’s inaugural season.

Simon Cowell, creator and judge on The X-Factor has absolutely no problem replacing the talents on his popular programs if he feels it’s going to benefit the show. Each one of his American talent competitions, America’s Got Talent, American Idol, and now The X-Factor, has gone through at least one major shake-up in the casting throughout its run.

Now the big question is: Who will be replacing Jones? There’s no way that Cowell and Fox aren’t going to find a big name to fill in as a host. I wouldn’t get excited about an announcement too soon. Prolonging an announcement like this will The X-Factor in the minds of Americans until the second season premieres in the fall.

Publicity stunt, I think so.

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