The “Jersey Shore” spin-offs begin, starting with “The Pauly D Project” in March

Now it’s Pauly D’s time to shine in the spot light without his Jersey Shore cast members.

MTV has announced The Pauly D Project, the first of many proposed and rumored Jersey Shore spin-offs, will premiere March 29th at 1030 p.m. after the fifth season premiere of Punk’d.

The Pauly D Project will focus on the DJ’s life outside of Seaside Heights as he chases his dream to be a  top DJ in the music industry. Some of the first episodes will focus on Pauly D scoring a record contract with 50 Cent’s G-Note Records, as well as him opening up for Britney Spears this past summer on her “Femme Fatale” tour. In addition to following his aspiring DJ career, The Pauly D Project will chronicle the DJ’s life with his close friends from his original home in Rhode Island.

The fifth and, most likely, finale season with the original the cast of Jersey Shore is set for Thursday March 15th, with a reunion episode the following week. The Punk’d and The Pauly D Project will take over Thursday nights on MTV until the summer.

Is it worth watching Pauly D without Vinny, Ronnie, and The Situation? MTV apparently thinks so. We’ll find out in March.

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