“Smallville” fans, Get Ready for season 11!

If you happened to be a fan of the hit CW series Smallville, and was a little bummed when the show ended its 10-year run last May, rejoice. Smallville season 11 is coming soon!

The 11th season of Smallville won’t be your typical TV season, however. The new season will be presented in comic book from by DC Comics, the company who owns the rights to Superman. Former Smallville writer Bryan Q. Miller is heading the project, which will be the first digital series ever to be released. New episodes or “chapters” as they will be called, will be released weekly. There will also be a print edition of the new season, which will include an episode guide to the series.

Season 11 will continue were the series finale left off, featuring Clark Kent (Tom Welling) officially as Superman. Lois Lane, Lex Luthor, Green Arrow, and other characters will also be featured in the new comic book.

Smallville fans should be happy that their favorite show will live on for another season, even if it is in comic book form.

The new season of Smallville will be available to read on April 13th, and the episode guide to the series will be released May 16th.

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