Watch the “Glee” tribute to Whitney Houston…that wasn’t suppose to be tribute

With the surprise and unbelievable death of pop sensation Whitney Houston this past Saturday, Glee aired a quasi-Whitney Houston tribute last night on Fox. the thing is, this wasn’t originally suppose to be a tribute at all.

Since shows are shot weeks, or sometimes months in advance, Glee writers had no idea that the death of the pop star would coincide with the show featuring one of Houston’s most known hits “I Will Always Love You” – being performed by Glee star Amber Riley (Mercedes). At the end of last night’s Valentine’s Day episode, producers quickly added an acknowledgment card, recognizing the death of the pop icon.

Three days ago at the Grammy Awards, just one day after Houston’s death, Jennifer Hudson also did a heartfelt tribute to Houston, also singing “I Will Always Love You.”

Both Riley and Hudson did a great job giving tributes to one of the greatest singers of our time, but after seeing their performances will remind us that there will never be another singer like Whitney Houston.

Here’s Houston singing the “I Will Always Love You” at the 1994 Grammy Awards

R.I.P Whitney Houston. 1963-2012.

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