Musical Superbowl: What happened if the winners of “The Voice” “American Idol” and “The X-Factor” battled each other?

"The Voice"winner Javier Colon and Adam Levine

Many people may ask which show is better, American Idol, The X-Factor, or The Voice? This is like comparing apples and oranges…and bananas in this case. Each show has their faults, and each show has its strengths, but one true way to find out which show reigns supreme is to have a musical Super Bowl. Judge the shows on the talent that is produced on the show over the course of the season, rather than judging the shows themselves.

Simon Cowell came up with the idea via Twitter on Friday, challenging the winner of his two rival shows.

Today, the winner of the first season of The Voice, Javier Colon, challenged Cowell on Twitter, accepting the challenge of a “super final.”

As of now, this is just an innocent Twitter battle, something that Cowell may be doing to keep The X-Factor in the minds of viewers until the new season starts in the fall. However, this is not a bad idea. The Voice, American Idol, and The X-Factor are their networks top shows, so combining all three of them for a “super final” would be a very intriguing idea.

If NBC and Fox can find a way to work together on this, it would be a musical event that many Americans would tune in to.

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