Spike cancels “Blue Mountain State”

Say goodbye to the Mountain Goats.

Spike has opted not to renew its raunchy comedy Blue Mountain State for a fourth season, according to Zap2it. BMS followed the antics of a college football team in Pennsylvania starring Alan Richardson, Alan Brooks, Chris Romano and Denise Richards.

Blue Mountain State had a very successful run on Spike for the first two seasons, having a large growth in ratings during season two. However, the third season’s ratings dropped dramatically, drawing about 900,000 viewers over the course of its 13 episodes.

After Spike decided not to renew the comedy for a fourth season, Lionsgate studios decided to shop the show around to other networks, before calling it quits on Blue Mountain State. 

The series finale aired back in November.

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  1. This is fucking bullshit beyond comprehension. When you think about it, Blue Mountain State is essentially the greatest television show for the male demographic, ever. Let’s be honest, what man does NOT enjoy watching a television show about sex, drugs, alcohol, and football? This literally is all the fun of college rolled into a 22 minute episode. Not to mention the great characters Thad, Alex, and Sammy. Each season brings incredible laughs and keeps us, the fans, more interested in whats going to happen next.
    I personally am miserable to find that we’ll never see a fourth season because that would be Alex’s and Sammy’s senior years. Well, I hope with all my heart that the show can find a new home at Comedy Central or another reputable network.

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