Is CBS going moving to a 2-hour Thursday comedy block?

Late last night, CBS made the announcement that on Thursday, April 12th, for one night only, the 9-10p.m. hour will be taken over by two sitcoms.

On this night, The Big Bang Theory and the return of Rules of Engagement will air new episodes in the their regular time slots. At 9p.m, a repeat of The Big Bang Theory will occupy the timeslot, followed by a repeat of 2 Broke Girls at 930p.m. On this night, Person of Interest will move to 10p.m.

Also, before this sitcom announcement, CBS noted that an original episode of The Mentalist will air out of its usual Thursday 9p.m. timeslot and will move to Friday, March 9th at 9p.m., replacing A Gifted Man. This will also be for one night only.

These moves are to test if different shows will work in different time periods for a possible move next season. CBS would likely be able to create a (dominate) 2-hour comedy block on Thursdays, and this will also solve the ongoing problems they have with their sitcom-to-timeslot ratio – the network always has one or two extra sitcoms on the bench, and not enough timeslots to make the accommodations. As for The Mentalist, moving to Fridays could be a reality. The show has been on Thursdays for 4 seasons, and with A Gifted Man likely to be cancelled this season, The Mentalist could join Blue Bloods and possibly, Undercover Boss, and would be a great addition to the night.

CBS has always been strategic in its scheduling moves, but this is a very smart move. Try out potential timeslot changes to see how the shows perform  in different time slots BEFORE making an official move, that may be detrimental to the show, and the network in the long-term.

Good move CBS!

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