Preview: Lindsay Lohan on “SNL”

This Saturday, Lindsay Lohan will make her fourth appearance on Saturday Night Live as a host, as well as try to make a positive return into the public spotlight. Honestly, I think she’ll be able to do it.

Despite all of Lohan’s troubles over the past couple of years, she has always been an underrated comedic actress, at least in my opinion. Her roles in The Parent Trap, Freaky Friday, Mean Girls, and a guest stint on ABC’s Ugly Betty in 2008 proved that Lohan can bring the laughs. She’s also hosted SNL three times before, which means she’s had to have made some people laugh in her career, right?

I haven’t seen every episode of Saturday Night Live this season, and even if you haven’t either, this is the episode to watch live! This will be the episode that will draw in big viewers just to see if Lohan can indeed make a comeback after multiple run-ins with the law, a battle with drugs, being scrutinized by the paparazzi, and a slew of personal problems.

In her promos, she looks happy, healthy, energetic, and ready to be back in front of a camera. Most importantly, it looks like she can make fun of herself and all of the problems that she’s been through in the last couple of years. That’s going to be the most crucial thing to overcome while hosting the show. Sources say that nothing is off limits this weekend with Lohan, and if that’s true, this will surely be a can’t miss episode.

Here’s a clip of Lohan’s promo for this week’s episode with SNL actor Kenan Thompson. For more promos, click here.

Can Lohan actually make a comeback? We’ll find out this Saturday night on NBC.

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