Preview: “The Pauly D Project”

Girls, alcohol, and fights. If that’s your idea of entertainment, The Pauly D Project is the show for you!

MTV premiered the first trailer for DJ Pauly D’s new reality show The Pauly D Project during Jersey Shore on Thursday, and when you watch, its apparent that the only thing that differentiates The Pauly D Project and Jersey Shore is the cast members and a different state.

There’s no doubt that this new MTV reality show will be incredible similar show that it’s been spun from. The Pauly D Project will follow the DJ as he moves back to his home state of Rhode Island and introduces the world to his home friends, while he tries to kickstart his professional DJ career – which took a turn for the better last year as DJ Pauly D opened up for Britney Spears on her summer Femme Fatale Tour, as well as getting signed to 50 Cent’s record label, G-Note.

In addition to following Pauly D around, the reality show will also focus on Pauly’s best friends Biggie, Jerry, and Ryan as they go along for the whirlwind journey that Pauly is experiencing.

The Pauly D Project premieres March 29th at 1030p.m. on MTV.

Here’s the first look at the Jersey Shore spin-off

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