The Fresh Prince is back in “Men in Black 3”

The long awaited sequel to Men in Black and Men in Black 2 is finally being released this year, 10 years after the second movie, and a whopping 15 years after the original sci-fi comedy hit theaters.

Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones will be returning the third feature of this trilogy with a premise that can be argued as a “been there, done that” theme – time travel.

Agent J (Smith) will have to travel back in time to try and save the planet, and his partner, Agent K (Jones). Once Agent J travels back in time, he meets the younger version of Agent K (Josh Brolin), and figures out that there are secrets of the universe that Agent K neglected to tell him, secrets that are vital to both of them saving the universe.

Men in Black 3 also stars Emma Thompson, Jermaine Clement, and Nicole Scherzinger.

Men in Black 3 will hit theaters May 25th, 2012.

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