Goodbye “Terra Nova”

Fox made the announcement yesterday that the there will be not be a second season of the pre-historic drama Terra Nova.

The highly anticipated series, which debuted in September drew decent ratings throughout its 13 episode run, but it was never a runaway hit on Mondays again CBS’ comedies. Even though Terra Nova had a great pedigree being produced by Steven Spielberg, due to the lack of available spots on Fox’s schedule, Fox executives couldn’t make the decision to bring the show back in the fall.

Fox had to make the decision very early whether or not Terra Nova would return for season 2 because of extensive animation process that goes into producing the show.

With both House and Terra Nova gone, there are still three shows with fates up in the air – freshman series The Finder, Alcatraz, and third year series Fringe. The Finder and Alcatraz had the best chances of getting renewed, while Fringe could go either way. Fringe only pulls a lackluster 3 million viewers on Fridays, but could pull off a surprise 13-episode final season if the budget can be trimmed significantly.

The Kiefer Sutherland drama Touch premieres later this month, drew 11.8 million viewers back in January. Even though those ratings are sure to go down a bit, it’s a shoe-in for a second season.

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