Is “Curb Your Enthusiasm” over?

The hit HBO comedy Curb Your Enthusiasm ended its eighth season back in September, but there hasn’t been word if the show will be back for a ninth season. According to Curb co-star Cheryl Hines, it’s not looking to good.

“I doubt it. I’m a gambling woman – I love to gamble – I would probably say not. Larry (David) is full of surprises, so you never know” Hines told a Orlando reporter.

Hines, who currently stars on ABC’s Suburgatory, and has been nominated for 2 Emmys for her role on Curb, went into details about her long run on the show, and why she wouldn’t be surprised if it didn’t return.

The cast of Curb Your Enthusiasm aren’t the only people who have no idea whether the show will be back, but HBO also doesn’t know the fate of the show either. “It’s always up to Larry. When he calls us to do more… we say absolutely!” says Hines.

Curb Your Enthusiasm last eight seasons and 80+ episodes on HBO. Would are you upset if the show doesn’t return?

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