ABC, The CW both add singing competitions to their schedules. What does this mean for TV’s singing wars?












Every network has to have a piece of the pie!

The singing competition genre has heated up within the last year with American Idol getting a revamp last year, and the addition of The X-Factor on Fox and The Voice on NBC. To keep up with the competition on opposite networks, both ABC and The CW will offer a new singing competition this summer.

ABC is entering the singing competition arena with full force with four pretty big names. Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Nettles (Sugarland), Robin Thicke, and Lionel Ritchie will serve as mentors and singing partners on Duets. This series will focus on the four judges as they go across the country and scout a wide array of talent. The four mentors will then team up with the talent they find, perform with the talent they find each week in a duets face-off against the other mentors/constants. The winner will receive a contract from Disney’s Hollywood Records label.

Queen Latifah

The CW couldn’t be left out of the game, so this summer, the netlet will introduce The Star Next Door. TSND will feature a nationwide search to try to discover artist who are close to finding stardom, essentially the star next door that nobody knows about. The Star Next Door will feature Queen Latifah (who is also executive producing the series), as well as Gloria Estefan and John Rich.

With ABC and The CW entering the game genre this summer, and not forgetting NBC’s summer hit America’s Got Talent, one has to question has to be asked – When will TV’s battle over singing stop, and what show/network will come out victorious?

Fox always seemed like the obvious winner with there once behemoth American Idol, until this season, where the show has started to take a terrible tumble in the ratings – down 19% vs. last year. The Voice has returned for its second season, and has proved that its first season winning streak in the ratings wasn’t just a fluke, but proves that The Voice can be a true utility player for NBC, and possibly help it inject some life into NBC’s lackluster schedule.

This summer, NBC won’t have The Voice, but they’ll have America’s Got Talent with new judge Howard Stern, who is sure to bring in some extra eyeballs to the show to see if the shock jock can be tame on a family oriented show.

Even though The CW is entering in the genre, it’s not much of a threat to be a breakout hit as ABC’s Duets. ABC potentially has a winner here. Since this is the first real attempt at a singing competition in the last couple of years, and has four powerhouse names that’s attached to the show, people will be tuning it. There’s also a chance that if Duets does well this summer, it could make the quick transition to the fall or spring schedule, just as NBC did with The Voice.

Now, we wait until CBS makes a strategic move in this musical competition game of chess.

This summer we’ll have America’s Got Talent, Duets, and The Star Next Door. In the fall, we’ll have the second edition of The X-Factor and another edition of The Voice. Will you be able to keep up with all these similar shows, and if so, which one will you be watching?

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