Since Snooki is officially pregnant, what’s going to happen to “Jersey Shore”?

Since Snooki is now pregnant and engaged, what’s the next step for the upcoming bride and mother to be? Another summer in Seaside Heights? Don’t count on it just yet.

Just like MTV questioned the fate of the upcoming Snooki/JWoww reality show, MTV are also questioning the future of their highly successful reality franchise, Jersey Shore. MTV hasn’t made a formal decision yet, but as of now, anything is possible.

One person who is definitely on board for a sixth season of the Shore is Pauly D, but why wouldn’t he? His new reality show The Pauly D Project premieres later this month chronicling his home life and his thriving DJ career.

However, if you remove one major link from the show (a pregnant Snooki) from the Shore, will the show survive?

Snooki finally announced her engagement and pregnancy to UsWeekly this week, and stated that she may quit Jersey Shore. “I have different priorities now” Snooki says. Snooki doesn’t want to live in the house, partying and drinking, while she’s pregnant, which means that she’s being an adult and taking her situation seriously.

Now, producers are trying to re-work the premises of the Snooki/JWoww spin-off – which is shooting now – to incorporate Snooki’s pregnancy. When the show debuts, don’t be surprised if we see a more responsible and subdued Snooki, chronicling her pregnancy and upcoming marriage to her fiance, Jionni.

Would Jersey Shore be the same without Snooki?

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