HBO’s cancelled “Luck” not allowed to compete in the Emmys miniseries category

HBO’s Luck is quickly running out. 

HBO’s horse racing drama Luck, which premiered back in December, was quickly renewed for a second season by HBO after the pilot aired. The cable series about a former mobster turned racehorse owner in the 1960’s was recently cancelled by HBO due to three houses dying on the set while the show was in production during its first season. The drama series had the opportunity to continue production, but HBO executives couldn’t ensure that another horse death could be prevented.

Luck was on track to be in contention for an Emmy nomination this year for Best Drama Series and Best Actor in a Drama Series for the show’s star Dustin Hoffman, if the show hadn’t been abruptly cancelled.

Many thought that Luck would be entered in the Best miniseries category since it did last one season, and since so many other shows are shifting categories this year. PBS’ Downton Abbey is shifting from the miniseries to drama category, as well as BBC America’s Luther. FX’s American Horror Story will compete in the miniseries category for in its first eligible year at the Emmys.

The Academy of Arts and Television Sciences won’t allow Luck to compete in the miniseries category because finale of Luck was open-ended, based on the fact that a second season was expected. It didn’t have a specific beginning, middle, and ending like the ATAS requires in the miniseries criteria.

It will be near impossible for Luck to snag a nomination with all the new competition this year. Stranger things have happened though.

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