HBO releases trailers for Aaron Sorkin’s ” The Newsroom”, “Boardwalk” and “True Blood”

It’s a busy day at HBO today, as the pay cable network has released teasers for the third season of Boardwalk Empire, the fifth season of True Blood, as well as Aaron Sorkin’s new drama series The Newsroom.

True Blood returns this June

The Newsroom

If you’re an Aaron Sorkin fan like I am, and have seen his previous drama series The West Wing, and his short-lived but still incredible Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip and Sports Night, then you’ve essentially seen The Newsroom already.

The Newsroom goes behind the scenes of a fictional cable news network and one of its top anchors (Jeff Daniels), as well as his newsroom staff (Emily Mortimer, Olivia Munn, John Gallagher, Jr,), their boss (Sam Waterson), and the CEO of the networks’ parent company (Jane Fonda).

It will be very surprising if The Newsroom isn’t as well-received by critics and viewers just as much as Sorkin’s past works like The West Wing and The Social Network.

The Newsroom premieres Sunday, June 24th.

Boardwalk Empire returns to HBO this fall.

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