Rating for Monday, April 2nd: “Bones” returns strong after a 3 month break

There was no doubt that CBS would capture first place in the 18-49 demo with the final game in the NCAA Basketball Championship (19.31 million viewers, A18-49: 7.0). Leading into the basketball game were repeats of 2 Broke Girls (8.27 million viewers, A18-49: 2.5), Two and a Half Men (8.50 million viewers, A18-49: 2.6), and the NCAA Basketball Championship Pre-Game (13.16 million viewers, A18-49: 4.4).

Despite CBS being the top network in the demo, ABC happened to be the most-watched network (15.05 million viewers) thanks to new installments of Dancing with the Stars (16.54 million viewers, A18-49: 2.8) and Castle (12.06 million viewers, A18-49: 2.2).

NBC offered up new episodes of The Voice (10.67 million viewers, A18-49: 4.1) and Smash (6.09 million viewers, A18-49: 2.2), which left them down in third place.

Bones returned strongly to Fox after a 3-month hiatus, reeling in 8.19 million viewers and a 2.5 in the demo – beating Alcatraz by wide margins. Following Bones, House (6.72 million viewers, A18-49: 2.2) rounded out the night for Fox.

Lastly, Gossip Girl (1.06 million viewers, A18-49: 0.5) returned to The CW. The netlet also offered up a repeat of Hart of Dixie (0.73 million viewers, A18-49: 0.3).

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