Which Emmy Winning “Modern Family” Star may be on “Justified” Next Season?

Eric Stonestreet

Justified creator Graham Yost told TheWrap.com that Modern Family funny man Eric Stonestreet may be in talks to join Justified next season in a very interesting guest role, but only if they could find time around his Modern Family schedule.

“So if we can come up with something that fits in with (the Modern Family) schedule, of course we will … he’s just great.” – Graham Yost

If the Emmy winning actor did sign on to Justified, the role he’d be playing would be the complete opposite of Cam Mitchell, the loving father, partner, and occasional clown (literally) that he plays on the ABC hit comedy. Yost would bring in Stonestreet as an extreme villian, but that’s all that he’d disclose at this point.

Just because Stonestreet plays a funny and loving father on Modern Family doesn’t mean he wouldn’t be prepared to tackle the role on Justified. Before he snagged the role on the ABC comedy, Stonestreet had villainous roles on Nip/Tuck, CSI, and Bones.

The third season finale of Justified airs tonight at 10p.m. on FX.

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