TV Talk with JWalk Podcast Episode 3 – Revivals and Reboots

Revivals and reboots are all the rage now. The thinking about bringing something back from the dead and reviving it is a way to break through the TV clutter and lure viewers back to something familiar. People think it’s a guaranteed success, but at what cost. In my opinion, revivals and reboots need a purpose to return. A main purpose is (or should be) to not tarnish the reputation of its original self. The worse thing is to bring something back that nobody ask for, even if it was a classic, for it burn on arrival and make people not want to even watch the original version.

As more and more revivals and reboots hit the airwaves, I wonder if they’re such a good idea. Last week I discussed “The Conners”, this week I fell into a small rant about “Will and Grace.”

The Hollywood Reporter recently did a poll with readers on the likelihood of viewers watching reboots if a show would return to air. While most people voted that they would rather watch a how with an original idea, there are still some shows that people have a soft spot for I discuss the poll and what shows made the list!

Finally, my thoughts on a certain rapper in talks to take over an iconic sitcom character in a proposed reboot.


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