Remaining “The Walking Dead” Stars Receive Big Raises to Stay with the Franchise.

twdAs reported yesterday in The Daily Rundown, AMC is looking to expand The Walking Dead universe into a multi-billion dollar franchise, and do to so, it has negotiated new multi-year contracts for some of its biggest remaining cast members. Norman Reedus (Daryl), and Melissa McBride (Carol) have signed very lucrative deals to continue on with the franchise.

According to sources close to “The Hollywood Reporter,” with this new deal, Reedus is set to make $350,000 per episode plus additional advances on the back end of the series. His deal could be worth $50 million to $90 million. Reedus is also the host of AMC’s unscripted motorcycle series Ride with Norman Reedus. McBride is also expected to get a sizable pay bump, with a deal expected to be worth close to $20 million over the next three years.

The new deals give the two actors the freedom to move throughout The Walking Dead universe as its set to expand. They could appear in future TV movies of The Walking Dead that will be centered around Andrew Lincoln’s character Rick Grimes, who’s last episode was this past Sunday. Also don’t rule out the possibility of one or both to star in a Walking Dead spinoff down the line.

AMC is doing as much as they can in keeping core cast members together for the sake of longevity of the franchise. Fan favorite and The Walking Dead leading man Andrew Lincoln just departed the series in Sundays episode to spend more time with his family in England, and Lauren Conrad – who also exited in Sundays episode due to salary negotiations – will soon transition to her own show, ABC’s midseason spy comedy-drama Whiskey Cavalier. 

The Walking Dead airs Sundays and 8/7c on AMC.





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