“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” Finally Gets January Premiere Date as NBC Overhauls Thursday Nights

F97FA8FE-742F-4158-A151-F83407515031This is a police station that I would be happy to visit any time!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is set to premiere on NBC January 10th in the networks flagship time slot, 9/8c. The Good Place will shift to 9:30pm after Nine-Nine until its season finale on January 24th. The following week, Will and Grace will settle into the 9:30 slot for the rest if its season.

The 8 o’clock hour will see some changes as well. Superstore will go on hiatus and return in March. Filling that void will be NBC’s new competition reality show The Titan Games hosted by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

It doesn’t look good for new comedy series I Feel Bad, which currently airs at 9:30. It will conclude its first season in December and with no additional episodes beyond its initial 13, it makes its chances of survival extremely slim.

NBC still has A.P. Bio and new sitcom Abby’s on the bench for mid-season that may be paired with Superstore when it returns in March.

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